Product Description
Stamped Concrete Comes with two finishes; stamps or skins
Exposed Concrete Comes with three finishes; high, medium or low aggregate exposure
Polished Concrete Comes with three finishes; cream, salt and pepper, or terrazzo
Troweled Concrete Surface hardener and curing agent can be used to enhance surface properties
Foam Concrete Properties at 450 – 500 kg/m3 (10 cm thickness); thermal conductivity (k-value)  0.1 W/K.m, thermal resistance (R-value) 1 m2.K/W, compressive strength 1 MPa
Screed Cover underfloor heating pipes and serves as a flat surface prior tiles installation
Steel-Fiber Reinforced Concrete Durable and high-tensile yield strength steel-fibers that are mainly used in industrial floors. Steel-fibers perform in three directions x, y and z unlike conventional steel mesh that only perform in x and y directions. This enables structural floors to resist transverse and punching shear.